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E-mail Free Consultation for foreign residence

2011/01/12 17:06 に Sasayama Chieko が投稿   [ 2011/08/23 3:45 に更新しました ]

外国人のためのE-mail無料相談/E-mail Free Consultation 

If you have concerns on any kind of visa application and the matters written below, please use this free consultation. We believe that this free consultation service is good help for you to find a solution because this service is provided by the person who has legal background and language literacy. If you prefer meeting rather than e-mail, please use a face-to-face consultation. The fee of a face-to-face consultation is also free of charge for the first time. Please don't hesitate to contact us. We hope you find this service helpful.
[What kind of matters can be asked?]
VISA, Permission or/and Certificate acquisition, Naturalization application, International marriage, International divorce, Starting a company in Japan, and so on.
[How to use E-mail Free Counseling]
1) Just write and send e-mail to our office. Contact Form is also available.
*Please use English or Japanese.
*Please type "E-mail Free Consultation" as the first word in the body of the message. 
*Please make sure to write your contact address (Name, E-mail address etc.).
*Please let us know which language (English or Japanese) is used as our reply.
Contact address:
2) After 2-3 days later, you will get our reply.
*We might suggest a meeting depending on your situation.
・In case that we seem not to make an appropriate decision without the detailed information or correcting materials, we will suggest you to have a face-to-face meeting.
・By E-mail Consultation, sometimes miscommunication would occur due to only exchanging "text". If you have an urgent matter or need the detailed explanation, we recommend to use a meeting service.   
・Our privacy policy is applied to this service.