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Free consulting for VISA Procedure by【Gyoseishoshi Association of Kanagawa】

2010/08/15 7:51 に Sasayama Chieko が投稿   [ 2010/08/15 7:59 に更新しました ]
The Gyoseishoshi (the Specialist for the Immigration) consults about Residence procedure such as VISA, the Permission for the Permanent Residence and the Naturalization. Free consultation provided through telephone.
The consultation time:  From 13:30 to 16:30 every Friday except holiday
Telephone number: 045-227-5560
Telephone consultant: The Specialist for the Immigration
Language for consultation: Japanese, English, and Chinese
Consulting time: Up to 30 minutes per call
Consulting fee: Free
Please feel free to call us, and the specialist will answer.